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Gloria Immanuel-Kwame

Gloria: A Soulful Force of Authenticity

Gloria, a name that resonates with soulful authenticity and unwavering passion, is a performer who transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on every stage she graces. Praised by Ed Stagg, BBC Leicester Radio Presenter, as a "joyous performer" and an "easy-going talent that fits any format and venue," Gloria's musical journey is a testament to resilience, authenticity, and a commitment to making a difference.

With a voice that effortlessly blends the storytelling prowess of Adele and the soulful tones of Erykah Badu, Gloria fearlessly dives into taboo subjects through her music. Her single 'Beautiful Show' is a powerful narrative of survival and hope, shedding light on her personal journey through domestic abuse. Not content with just sharing her story, Gloria actively supports others by raising funds for Women's Aid and Restores Lives charities, demonstrating a deep commitment to making a positive impact.

Beyond her solo career, Gloria leads her own function band, GG and the Soul Swingers, showcasing her versatility and rich musical expressions. As a vocal coach, she imparts her passion for music to aspiring talents, and her dedication to her craft extends to the literary realm, with the upcoming release of her first Spoken Word poetry book.

She lends her vocals as a lead and backing vocalist for Sister Supreme, a Motown tribute band. Her devotion to her Christian faith shines through in her performances, offering audiences a unique and deeply personal musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Gloria's impact goes beyond the stage, as evidenced by her involvement in charity work with BBC Applause Leicester and performances at the annual Christmas carol service. Praised by Dave Andrews, BBC Leicester Radio Presenter and producer, for being a "delight to work with" and a "supremely talented singer," Gloria has become a cherished figure in the local music scene.

Tony Cannam, Singer-Songwriter and Owner of British Soul Standard, recognizes Gloria's unique gift to express passion, power, and beauty. Rupal Rajani, BBC Leicester Radio Presenter, sums it up, calling Gloria "a joy to listen to" and a "talented young lady with a heart of gold."

As Gloria continues to make waves with her upcoming album release and Spoken Word poetry book, her music remains a powerful force, uniting and inspiring audiences while proving that music is not just an art form but a deeply personal and transformative experience. Follow her journey on her blog and listen to her unique sound on SoundCloud (, as Gloria continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of music and beyond.

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